Professionally Operated Cardano Stake Pool

Ticker: CORAL
Pledge: 15.00k
ADA Fixed Fee: 170
ADA Variable Fee: 0%

Pool ID and Location: Pool ID: pool1tnmd6aq6rn3ctyqqqw8csvl5vlqncx3fwaqk8rsxsmqn5v9e28n
Hash: 5cf6dd741a1ce3859000038f8833f467c13c1a297741638e0686c13a
Location: United Kingdom

Tokens Offering + Delegator Patron Program: TosiDrop

Mithril Signer: We're listed on Mithril Explorer as registered signers.

0% fee

To help the Cardano network grow. We decided to charge a 0% fee. So the total rewards earnt by the pool will be distributed to the Ada holders who delegate to our pool. 


Earn extra ADA rewards with the Delegator Patron Program!

How the patron programs works?

Are you looking to maximize your ADA rewards? 

Apply to be a delegator and earn up to 30% extra ADA rewards! It's super simple.

If you meet any of the following criteria (see Brackets) and would like to reserve a slot, simply send us a direct message on Twitter.

You'll receive the extra rewards directly in your wallet at the end of each epoch. This is possible because we share the rewards our pool earns.

Delegator Patron Program: 

Claim your rewards - Enter your wallet/stake address or $handle to view your rewards here: TosiDrop

*(stake in pool for at least 3 epochs, reward expires after 5 epochs since given) 

But hurry - the program has limited slots available! Don't miss out on this opportunity to earn more ADA rewards. Apply to be a Delegator today! 

The Delegator Patron Program is an additional initiative by the CORAL Pool to provide extra rewards to delegators. While the standard Return on Ada (ROA) is a measure of the pool's performance and the rewards it generates, the Delegator Patron Program goes a step further.

Here's how it works:

So, while the ROA represents the regular rewards generated by the pool based on its performance, the Delegator Patron Program is a special initiative by CORAL Pool to provide additional rewards to delegators who take part in the program. Delegators can enjoy both the standard rewards from staking and the extra rewards from the Delegator Patron Program. More info here:

Highly Available

Our Cardano infrastructure is designed to provide maximum availability and ensure continuous operation of critical systems and infrastructure. We have implemented geographical redundancy to prevent any single point of failure, guaranteeing that our infrastructure remains online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Our servers undergo proactive monitoring to detect and prevent potential issues before they occur.


Our Cardano infrastructure has been built with security as a top priority. We follow a comprehensive, multi-layered security and defense approach to ensure the protection of our critical systems and create the most secure staking environment for our clients. With our security measures in place, you can be confident that your assets are safe and secure. 


Transparency is a core value that we uphold. We believe that trust must be earned, and we are committed to keeping our delegators informed about any system upgrades, changes, and service maintenance that may affect our operations. Our team proactively communicates these updates to our delegators, and we encourage open communication from our delegators with any comments, questions, or concerns they may have. 


Live Server Monitor Dashboard


6 cores CPU / 16 GB / 400 GB / 400 Mbit/s


6 cores CPU / 16 GB / 400 GB / 400 Mbit/s


8 cores CPU / 30 GB / 800 GB / 600 Mbit/s